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19.3 & 19.4

Talk about 2 disappointing weeks. These two weeks really really broke my spirits. These two weeks really confirmed some major weaknesses in my programming and overall fitness, which I knew about but never cared to put too much effort into. That will have to change drastically if I am going to be good at this […]
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19.2 Open Workout Pacing and Strategy – 1st attempt

Week 1 done and dusted and now on to week 2. For me Week 1 was just the start I needed to crack into the top 200 in the Australian region, finishing with a ranking of 143. In the lead up to this open I have been praying for no 1RM attempts and long sets […]
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19.1 Tips and strategies

Just like that, the 2019 is underway. No theatrics, build up, delays in the announcement or Castro this year. Not having Castro announce was quite a disappointment and i spent a good 15 minutes of the broadcast hoping he was going to pop out. Anyway, moving forwards.. The workout: 15 Minute AMRAP 19 Wallball shots […]
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Writing SMART Goals

Ever really wanted to achieve something and 2 years later you are no closer to achieving that goal as you were when you set it? This is the reality of gym goers. How many people do you know that say things similar to the comments below? This year I am going to get so fit […]
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The Fitness Tradeoff – Strength vs conditioning

The sport of Crossfit is literally the perfect blend between strength and conditioning. Not only do you need to move heavy amounts of weight, you need to be able to do this over long periods of time, sometimes with heavy weights and sometimes with lighter weights or just your body weight (think running/ swimming etc). […]
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Strength Program

About 6 months out from the open, and it is time to build on some strength. (Pretending I wrote this at the start of my program in September). The last couple months have been spent on lifting decently heavy weights for 8-12 reps, building some endurance and gaining some size. While I am unsure whether […]
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Benefits of H.I.I.T

Find out why you should be doing HIIT!