What does it mean to be fit?

If you think of the typical Crossfit athlete you probably have an image of someone who is good at barbell movements, fast in short WODs and typically blow in workouts over 15 minutes.

On the other hand if you think of someone who is considered a fit person working out outside of the gym, they are generally good runners or swimmers and have decent muscular strength.

The typical Crossfitter usually lacks endurance and finds it hard to regulate their heart rates in workout, often red lining early on. The fit person training outside the gym can’t produce the power and strength in heavier workouts, but can go all day at lighter weights.

If you fall in either category then you have found a page that will help bridge the gap between the typical Crossfitter and the everyday fitness junkie to create an overall functionally fit athlete.

Crossfit has long been seen as a strength sport, however if you check Glassman’s 10 components of fitness, Strength is just 1 part of 10 different areas of fitness. While strength has a big carry over to the other areas, usual Crossfit programming really neglects some of the other areas, in particular endurance.

Here are the 10 components of fitness:

  1. Strength
  2. Balance
  3. Speed
  4. Power
  5. Agility
  6. Cardiovascular Capacity
  7. Muscle Endurance
  8. Coordination
  9. Flexibility
  10. Accuracy

Our goal is to provide workouts which will make you a better all around athlete, not just barbell specialist. More skill practice, more heavier lifts under fatigue and more cardiovascular and muscle endurance workouts to take your fitness to another level. Add these workouts on top of your gyms normal programming when they do not clash. Any workout can be scaled or progressed to challenge you. Pick one and give it a go. 


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