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Aerobic Circuit (18 mins)

A short and sharp circuit to get the lunges blowing and legs burning. As the intervals are relatively short, it is important to push hard on the cardio. Workout length 18 minute (23 including rest) Goal: Breathe heavy and embrace the leg burn 6x 3 minute intervals – 1 minute rest in-between each interval 90 Second sled push/ 90 second rope slams 90 second Airdyne/ 90 second Kettlebell burpees 90 second Row/ 90 second wallsit 90 second run/ 90 second trx row 90 second standing bike/ 90 second thrusters 90… Read more Aerobic Circuit (18 mins)

19.3 & 19.4

Talk about 2 disappointing weeks. These two weeks really really broke my spirits. These two weeks really confirmed some major weaknesses in my programming and overall fitness, which I knew about but never cared to put too much effort into. That will have to change drastically if I am going to be good at this sport. Lets start off with 19.3: 200 Foot One Arm Overhead Dumbbell Walk 50 Step ups with dumbbell 50 Strict Handstand Pushups 200 Foot Handstand Walk Fair to say the the strict Handstand Pushups got… Read more 19.3 & 19.4