15 min Squat Clean EMOM + 10 min Toes 2 Bar EMOM

The Workout:

Workout 1:

For 15 Minutes

EMOM 3 Squat Cleans

Increase weight every 5 mins

5 mins Rest between Workouts

Workout 2:

For 10 Mins

x Toes 2 Bar Unbroken

Workout 1:

Start conservative with the goal of finding a weight that is relatively challenging for the last five minutes. This might be somewhere around 70-80% depending on your leg stamina.

Workout 2:

Looking to increase Toes 2 Bar stamina and find what you can hold for 10 minutes. For a rough guide, a good target to aim for may be something around a third of your 1 set max for Toes 2 Bar.

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