20 Rep Deadlifts

A quick and easy strength workout to test every muscle in your body and build some mental fortitude.

I use this once a week at the moment, adding on weight each week until I come to a complete stop. Fortunately I have not hit that point yet, but judging by how hard the set today was, I may be close.

My progression so far:

Week 1: 100kg

Week 2: 110kg

Week 3: 120kg

Week 4: 130kg

Week 5: 140kg

This is a great way to build muscle endurance as well as improving your strength. It also will not drain your CNS as much as the weights are generally a lower percentage than when compared to regular strength programs.

How to do it:

Start off Week 1 at a weight that is about 40% of your estimated 1rm. Add on 5-10% depending on how you feel. Remember to go up gradually and keep good form!

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