Building my Front Squat PART 1

Getting back into some volume with my squatting. My hips and knees have felt amazing recently so thought it would be time again to start testing them with some strength work.

Although adjustable, this work out wasn’t as heavy as what it could have been for me. Instead I made these my two focuses:

– position (especially a flat back and high elbows)

– speed (coming out of the hole)

Just to reiterate, the goal of this workout was to move fast and well while getting some volume in the legs.

Here is the workout:

Every 2 minutes in the minute for 18 minutes

8 reps @60

6 reps @80

4 reps @90

2 reps @100

1 rep @ 110

2 reps @ 100

4 reps @90

6 reps @ 80

8 reps @ 60

This was a fun one to do and to get my legs accustomed to some front squats. Over the next few weeks the goal will be to increase the amount of reps for each weight by 1-2.

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