Endurance – Running into Assault Bike

Today’s work out was performed at Soul 365 in Adelaide. An amazing gym with a really good vibe, this was undertaken as part of their endurance session.

Warm up

4 minutes

Reverse Tabata (10on/ 20off)

Burpees (building speed of each set)


5 rounds

800m run

Straight into:

1 minute max calories on machine of choice

3 minute rest

This one is a tough workout. I chose to do this on the airdyne in an attempt to get use to running with heavy legs.

I never really felt like my legs recovered well and I imagine my running times would’ve slowed down a fair bit.

Keep the running pace moderate – so that you are still pushing without giving an all out sprint.

The goal is to get as many calories as possible on the cardio machine.

My calories after each round on the assault bike:

Round 1: 33

Round 2: 29

Round 3: 27

Round 4: 28

Round 5: 31

Total: 148

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