Stadium Stomp – Stairs

With the opportunity to run in and around such an iconic landmark of Melbourne, I payed my 70 odd dollars and got ready to attack around 7600 stairs.

Stadium stomp is a charity run which involves going up and down most steps in the stadium, covering all 3 levels.

Level 1 starts off fairly easy, as the stairs are larger and you are able to keep a faster pace. This is the staring level and you end up covering the whole stadium.

From there you got the stairwell and move up onto level 2. This is the only level where you don’t get access to the whole level, with certain sections, I think dedicated to members and corporate, are closed off. This is similar to Level 1 just with much less steps.

The 3rd and final level is where things start to get serious. I would estimate that more than 70% of the steps come from this level. The aisles are longer, steps are smaller and everything is so much steeper.

This made running difficult on so many levels. Firstly it was hard to run and get any good pace with such small steps and footsteps. Secondly with smaller steps it was harder to pass people. Thirdly, your legs are on fire with the extra gradient and steps.

Not knowing where the finish line helped enormously, finally getting through the 3rd level and getting down the bottom to finish off on the ground.

Overall this was a really fun run which took it out of the legs. Running up and down stairs for an hour is definitely not something I’d do by myself.

Steps: 7600

Time: roughly 56 minutes

Price: roughly $70

Includes drinks stations

Stadium stomp water bottle and medal at the end

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