Night Running

On a cold and wet Friday night, something inspired me to run. I’m not sure what it was, but there’s quite a refreshing feeling of running out in the cold with a hoodie on.

An even bigger plus to running is that is such an easy activity to do. No need to drive anywhere, just put the active wear on and head out the house.

I wanted to do about 20 minutes of running, but I didn’t want to go long and slow. So instead I did this:


4 minutes on

1 minute rest

x4 with the goal of increasing my pace each one, using the first one as a warmup one.

Here is how I went:

1st 4 minutes: 5:12 min/km

2nd 4 minutes: 4:14 min/km

3rd 4 minutes: 4:04 min/km

4th 4 minutes: 3:55 min/km

Good to get back into a solid run!

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