Cryotherapy – Recovery

There is a lot of hype around Cryotherapy and it’s positive effects on your health and recovery so I decided to check it out!

Here are just some of the mentioned benefits of cryotherapy:

– brain health

– sleep quality

– boosted metabolism

– reduces inflammation

– improves immune function

– improves performance

With all these benefits, the only negative I could come up with about the whole experience was the $60 price tag. That’s $20 for each minute you are in there.. but if money isn’t an issue then this is great!

How it works:

– Before heading into the chamber, you first cover up your feet and hands with socks, slippers and gloves.

– Next you put on a face mask to cover your mouth and nose and then finally you cover your ears with ear muffs!

– there are two rooms connected to each other. You head into the first room which is at -60 degrees Celsius for 30 seconds!

– From there you get into the real stuff and move to the next room which sits at -110 degrees Celsius. You spend 2 and a half minutes there before finally heading out.

– To warm back up you sit on an exercise bike.

My experience:

Considering my skin dropped from 35 degrees to 7 degrees in 3 minutes, this wasn’t too bad. Don’t get me wrong, it was freezing in there, to the point where I could feel my snot starting to freeze. My body was trembling like crazy and I doubted at times how long I could stand in that sort of cold, BUT the time went by pretty quickly (having your own choice of music helped) and once you were out you got that refreshing feeling – like when you get out of the beach- minus the part of being wet.

It didn’t take too long to heat back up and I felt really energised after this. It will be interesting to see the effects of this on my performance and workouts in the days to come!

Place I went to:

Alchemy Cryotherapy, South Yarra Victoria

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