Killer Ab Routine

People that do calisthenics always have a great core. In an effort to build my core endurance I seeked out a core workout from a bar specialist in Mad Barz.

A quick google search revealed a few tough workouts that you can do both at home and in the gym.

I found this one below:

Being a bit time struck, I did 3 rounds (instead of 5) which I felt was still plenty. Also I didn’t have jump rope so I skipped these and instead got rid of the rest between exercises. Here was my workout:

3 rounds

15 e/s star toe touch sit ups

15 knee hugs

50 bicycle crunches

10 v sit-ups

30 crunches

20 lying leg lifts

2 minutes rest between rounds

I had to break these up in a few of the exercises as my abs were on fire.

Try push through the burn as much as you can on this one.

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