Kokoda Memorial Trail – 1000 steps

An awesome outdoor climb with amazing views and right amongst nature. With a few different tracks to choose from, there are tracks for most fitness levels to walk/ run while listening to the sounds of birds chirping away.

The two main tracks consist of:

– a fitness trail: an uphill climb, with a wide path. This has a few steps along the way or you can just use the track.

– the main walk: this consists of the ‘1000 steps’. There’s actually a deceivingly long walk to the actual steps. Once you get to the steps, the path is quite narrow, only just fitting two people side by side making it hard to overtake.

Both walks are about 1.5- 1.6km from the starting positions.

I decided to walk up the 1000 steps on the first lap. While this got the heart rate going it was not the greatest challenge.

For my second lap I ran up the fitness trail. With an elevation gain of over 200m, I felt every bit of this with my legs and lungs burning towards the end of this.

Definitely recommend giving both a try and seeing how far up you can go.

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