Toes 2 Bar Workout

A big goal of mine this season is to improve my core endurance. Since toes 2 bar is so taxing in the arms and upper body I’ve gone about this by doing a heap of core work on the floor.

Today’s workout was one I had done in the past and although I would do them on seperate days, I was really keen to see if I had improved just from doing a ton of sit-up variations.

The workout:

Workout 1:

5 minutes

Starting with 1 rep, as many unbroken sets as possible, adding 1 rep after each set.

5 minute rest

Workout 2:

For 5 minutes

Starting at :00, every 15 seconds do x amount of reps.

My results:

Workout 1: 11+1

Workout 2: Held 3 reps every 15 seconds for the 5 minutes

Absolutely stoked to get into the 11s for the first time in this workout.

For workout 2, was quite happy with the effort considering I had done over 60 toes to bar just 5 minutes before that.

Happy to have improved my toes to bar capacity without doing much toe 2 bar practice!

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