Open Reflections

This years Open was incredibly challenging, stressful and yet at the same time enjoyable. I did not finish in the Top 200 however I was floating around the 350 mark before I injured my tricep, not allowing me to do the last workout 😦

Workouts 2, 3 and 4 all had a similar weakness. Upperbody gymnastic movement endurance. 19.2 Toes to Bar floored me, 19.3 was my worst workout result by far, with strict HSPU absolutely destroying me and then to finish off my triceps and chest were on fire in 19.4.

While I was still breathing pretty hard, I felt like I could have given more if my muscles didn’t die off in these movements.

The fix?

A lot of upper body strength work followed by upper body endurance work, followed by a mixture of the two. Primarily this will be through the bench press. The goal is to be benching 140kg + by the end of the year which will be a 20 kg improvement in 8 months or 2.5kg increase per month. When I break it down like that it sounds so achievable.

Other then that, I underestimated the emotions and stress that come with competing and checking the leaderboard. This is also an easy fix. Set a limit on how often I check the leaderboard and then forget about it going into the next workout.

Now I set my sights to the 2020 Crossfit Open. Although the next open is later this year I will skip that and give myself 18 months to set myself into the Top 30 in the Australian region. Can not wait for the next 18 months of sweat, tears, breakdowns, pbs and gains.

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