19.3 & 19.4

Talk about 2 disappointing weeks. These two weeks really really broke my spirits. These two weeks really confirmed some major weaknesses in my programming and overall fitness, which I knew about but never cared to put too much effort into.

That will have to change drastically if I am going to be good at this sport. Lets start off with 19.3:

200 Foot One Arm Overhead Dumbbell Walk

50 Step ups with dumbbell

50 Strict Handstand Pushups

200 Foot Handstand Walk

Fair to say the the strict Handstand Pushups got me. I did this workout twice getting 24 & 26 reps into the Handstand Pushups respectively. This was rather discouraging as I sat at the wall taking longer breaks then I needed to and missing reps while knowing others around my fitness level were powering through this workout and finishing the Handstand pushups or getting towards the end of them.

My plan for the handstand pushups were to hold sets of 3-4. Instead this went from a couple early sets of 3-4 to sets of two very very quickly. From there it went to singles..

Weakness: Upper Body Pushing Endurance

My upper body strength is not terrible but my endurance in these exercises is quite average. Even high rep pushups are quite a struggle to me.

The fix: More volume in upper body work

I finished this workout ranking about 1100th and watched my ranking slip from 220 to 380. Not ideal.

Now 19.4.

12 Minute Time Cap

3 Rounds

10 Snatches @43kg

12 Bar Facing Burpees

3 Minute Rest

3 Rounds

10 Muscle Ups

12 Bar Facing Burpees

Initially when this workout came out I was very very excited. Not only did it look short and fast, it looked like rep ranges I could manage. I was so wrong. I found the first 3 rounds relatively taxing and my muscles went quicker then I could blink.

I had always thought my conditioning was quite solid, however this workout made me question how fit I really was and the intensity I had been training as.

I found my chest burning like crazy after the workout and ultimately the reason my muscles died out. My sets looked like the following:

6,4/ 3,3,2,2/ 3,2,2,1,1


Upper body endurance

High intensity Conditioning (Sub 3-4 minutes)

The fix: Same as above. More upper body volume and higher intensity work closer to the open working at open pace.

I finished this workout with a rank around the 600 mark, which wasn’t too bad but it as definitely a workout I thought I should and could have finished.

My overall ranking this week improved from 380 to 375, not as high as I would have liked to improve but I will take any improvement for now.

With 1 week to go a major weakness has cost me a little in two workouts. Hopefully some lower body endurance and high breathing will help me finish off strong!

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