19.2 Open Workout Pacing and Strategy – 1st attempt

Week 1 done and dusted and now on to week 2. For me Week 1 was just the start I needed to crack into the top 200 in the Australian region, finishing with a ranking of 143.

In the lead up to this open I have been praying for no 1RM attempts and long sets of Toes 2 Bar. My 1rms are not quite as high as some of the other guys competing and this hurts me on the leaderboard in most lifts and my core stamina is quite weak, with long sets of toes 2 bar quite difficult and taxing.

I watched the live announcement from Australia and got nervous when the guy mentioned toes 2 bar. I got even more nervous hearing how many reps. Here is the workout:

25 Toes 2 Bar

50 double unders

Squat Cleans

With each round completed the squat clean weight increases, while the reps decrease. Here are the weights and reps:

Round 1: 15 reps @61kgs

Round 2: 13 reps @83kg

Round 3: 11 reps @102kg

Round 4: 9 Reps @124kg

Round 5: 7 reps@ 142kg

Initially I thought, wow that is a lot of squat cleans! In my first attempt at this I decided to knock off the toes to bar inlander sets than I should have, with the thought of getting the reps done as soon as possible to give myself the best go of competing the weights at 100kg.

After getting a round and half in, I now know that for me this is NOT a good idea. And most likely, unless toes 2 bar are really easy for you, not the best idea for most other people. I did a 10/8/7 in the first round, finishing it in 50 seconds and leaving myself gassed. By the time I had finished the squat cleans I was breathing decently heavy and in struggle town for round 2.

I pulled out knowing I had made a genuinely costly mistake.

On the redo are my areas to fix:

  • Do the toes to bar almost 30 seconds slower in round 1, breaking it into 5s from the start.
  • Keep 5s the whole way
  • Continue the rest of the workout as normal.

I think pacing will be the key to this workout for me and can be the difference between getting deep into the third round or just reaching it.

The redo will be coming soon!


After doing the redo, can confirm you will have a lot more reps if you pace your toes 2 bar and first round, instead of the gates in a sprint. I finished the workout 5 cleans into the 225 pound squat cleans.

19.2 First attempt (failed)

19.2 Second attempt

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