19.1 Tips and strategies

Just like that, the 2019 is underway. No theatrics, build up, delays in the announcement or Castro this year. Not having Castro announce was quite a disappointment and i spent a good 15 minutes of the broadcast hoping he was going to pop out. Anyway, moving forwards..

The workout:

15 Minute AMRAP

19 Wallball shots (9/6kg)

19 calorie Row

Theres a good chance if you are short this workout may suck for you. Unfortunately we can only control our fitness at that very point in time, so here are some tips that helped me get through the workout.

Tip 1: Wallballs

No your limit on the wall balls. If you can do an unbroken set of 40+ wall balls then you should be alright to have a go at doing the wall balls here unbroken.

If not then looking to give your shoulders and legs a quick break and doing a 10/9 or 7/6/6 split may be the best way to go.

For myself, i knew i could hold unbroken sets of 19 wall balls for quite some time. You can’t really gain too much time doing wall balls to be honest and therefore my efforts were put into the rowing.

Tip 2: Rowing

The key to this workout, whether you are doing unbroken wallballs or not, is to find a steady pace to row at from the beginning. For me this was around the 1300 – 1350 cals per hour mark. It is important not to completely gas yourself out on the rows, and to treat this as more of a recovery, especially if you are looking to go unbroken on the wall balls. If you are a games/ regional athlete, this is where you are going to get your extra edge and push above 1400-1500.

Tip 3: Pacing

This workout is quite long and ensuring you have enough in the tank to finish off is crucial. Not only will this help you get a better score but this will ensure you aren’t red lining it from the 3 minute mark onwards and setting yourself up for more unnecessary pain afterwards.

To give you a rough idea of the pacing you might want to take here are my rough splits for every 3 rounds completed:

1st 3 rounds: 5:00 minutes

2nd 3 rounds: 5:10

3rd lot of 3 rounds: 4:50 (finishing on the buzzer)

Finishing with 9 complete rounds for 19.1.

Although i felt great during the workout, my legs have pulled up quite sore after this one. Looking at other people’s scores, the result out so far and the effort i gave, i can see i am quite happy with that score and will not be re doing the workout.

I don’t feel as though redoing the workout and getting a couple reps more will be worth the extra stress and pain on this one. So i leave this workout being one and done, and ready to put in a big week leading into 19.2!

Check out my effort for 19.1 here

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