Not getting enough sleep a good thing?

Here me out on this one. Everyone raves on about sleep and its importance on your health and performance. Unfortunately, working in a gym at the hours of 5am, sleep is not always a priority and getting the full recommended hours can be difficult. Although that is the case I continue to make leaps and bounds in my fitness. I hear a lot fo people complain about being tired and not being able to workout. Here is where I agree and disagree with getting the recommended amount of sleep, which is roughly 6-10 hours and why people should stop complaining about a lack of sleep and how its ruining their performance.

When getting enough sleep:

  • I feel more refreshed and ready to attack workout
  • It is easier to gather my thoughts and I am more present
  • Mentally I feel more alert

When not getting enough sleep:

  • It is an effort to do workouts you aren’t willing to do, and it feels like a grind
  • My mind wanders quite often

As you can see from just a couple thoughts above, I don’t feel like sleep plays that much of a role physically then it does mentally. Sure, potentially If I got more sleep and recovered better I may lift more weight or attack workouts harder, but how can you judge that when I have had such massive improvements with both myself strength numbers and conditioning?

For me working out with minimal sleep is more mental then it is physical. My body is sore 90% of the time. The weeks I have gotten more sleep has not seen a big change to that. However the difference I do feel is much more on the mental aspects of working out. To workout tired requires you to be dedicated and push yourself to do a whole workout you know you probably should not be doing off 4-6 hours sleep.

I even believe the drive and will power you develop training tired constantly can benefit you in the long run. Ever hear those people that rock up to the gym saying “I’m too tired to workout” or “I’m not feeling it today”. That is exactly what I hear in my head. The difference is I’ve been training off this amount of sleep at high intensity for a while now that it doesn’t stop me from fully applying myself to sessions.

Sometimes you can’t control the amount of sleep you get. Whether that is because of work, children or other reasons you can still train hard and get results while tired. I mean you have no choice, either you train hard and get the results you want or you make excuses like being tired. While I am not recommending under sleeping and training at high intensity, what I am saying is that don’t complain when you are tired and just get the work done. You will develop the drive to be able to workout on any day, and this in the long run is super important!

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