Open Anxiety

As the conditioning kicks in and the 2019 Crossfit open nears, the anxious and nervous thoughts starts to creep in.

  • What if I don’t get in the top 200?
  • What if I do worse then last year?
  • Is all this training worth it?

I try listen to these thoughts so I can turn some of the doubts into positives and reframe the way my mind thinks about these.

Nerves can be good when it comes to competition. But it is important to keep a lid on the nerves and nervous thoughts that come along with that.

My way of thinking for this season, is that it is the top 200 or the year is a failure.

But is it really?

I have accomplished so much this year such as sticking through multiple 3 month long programs and being more consistent then ever. I have significantly PB’d almost every lift, move better, faster and for longer then I ever have.

More importantly I have fallen in love with the process and the outcome of sticking to a plan. Seeing measurable results after putting in the work is an unbelievably satisfying.

So when it comes to the Open why should this be any different. While I still would love to come in the top 200, this is based on other people’s results and not mine. My scores will fall where they fall and the leaderboard will help direct some of my training into next year however coming in the top 200 is not the be all and end all.

Instead I have refocused my goal on something I can control, and only I can influence. That is giving my absolute effort. Therefore my goal for the 2019 open is now giving my best effort on each workout and limiting it to 2 attempts.

I know that with this goal and the work I have put in over the past year, I can put the negative thoughts that come into my head as competition comes closer to rest knowing that I am giving the best I have got.

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