Getting Coached

Hiring a coach?

Hiring a coach can be a tough decision to make. Especially when you are capable of motivating and programming for yourself, it can be easy to save the extra dollars spent on a coach to go about it by yourself. I did this for 10 months of the 2017/18 season and although I was relatively happy with the results of that season, I took a different approach to the 2018/19 season and hired a coach. Jake is a coach I found online through visiting his website at Tier Three Tactical and has been huge in my progress this year. With a second pair of eyes this is what I have found:

Having a coach:

Is confidence building – It is always good to have someone else to bounce your thoughts off with and reinforce the effort and progress you are making. Not only this but they are able to keep you in a. positive state of mind (if you have a positive coach).

Can keep you accountable – My favourite olympic lift – the clean. My least – the snatch. You can bet which one I programmed more often than the other. With a coach you can avoid avoiding exercises you did not want to do. Not only this but if you are catching up regularly, it can help you get through all your workouts knowing you are going to have to report on this when you see them.

Reinforces good movement/ technique – When you are training in a gym without mirrors it can be hard to get feedback on your technique. It is all well and good to rely on the ques you have learnt, but over time your feeling of the movement and technique may change and without corrections this can cause it to become sloppy. In a sport like Crossfit, with complex barbell movements, it is important to make sure you are moving as best you can to avoid any injuries!

Disadvantages of having a coach:

Cost Money – The only major disadvantage I could think of is that it cost money. I think if money is a major concern then deciding whether you need a coach is the first step. This decision includes putting your ego aside and determine what is best for you. The second step is to find a coach that will make your money worthwhile. Making sure your coach is providing good value (programming, technique, support) will help you sleep easier at night knowing that your money has been well spent.

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