Strength Program – Results

3 months of lifting heavy weights, with a lot of rest in between is not the most exciting thing. It is probably one of the main reasons why I could never pick up a sport like powerlifting or olympic lifting soles on their own. In saying that, there is great pleasure in seeing your strength numbers go up and the 3 months off of intense conditioning has me itching to get into some tough metcons!

Below are the results of the 3 month program, with my previous 1rm listed before it and any failed attempts above my 1rm listed with a cross through it.

Back Squat 150kg –> 160kg, 165kg

Bench Press 120kg –> 125kg, 130kg

Front Squat 130kg –> 150kg, 155kg

Deadlift 190kg –> 220kg

Barbell Press 75kg –> 75kg, 77.5kg

Clean and Jerk 100kg –> 117.5kg

Snatch 75kg –> 90kg

I was absolutely wrapped with my progress in the Deadlift, Snatch and Front Squat. Deadlifts have always been my best lift and I feel like I could add another 10-20kg if I were to continue a program like this. The snatch was a movement I purely never did so doing it consistently was always going to see an improvement. The front squat was the most happiest I had been purely because after doing my back squats I did not thing my legs had improved as much.

My clean and jerk improved a fair bit, however I still do not feel great overhead. I also let like do 5 and 8 reps of the set weights was way too much, and would lower the weights for these rep ranges.

I was most disappointed with the improvement in the back squat. I was expecting this to be a little higher however with the improvement of the deadlift and front squat I know my legs have gotten stronger and its a matter of fixing technique, sitting back on my heels and using my hips more.

I may look at re-doing this program with a couple modifications. These would be:

  • Remove the back squat 8 reps
  • Lower the 8 reps of the C+J by 20%
  • Remove the BB shoulder press and perhaps replace for another bench session
  • Perhaps experiment doing the program the other way, starting with the 1 rep weight, and working down in weights up in reps, instead of up in weight and down in reps.

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