Strength Program

About 6 months out from the open, and it is time to build on some strength. (Pretending I wrote this at the start of my program in September).

The last couple months have been spent on lifting decently heavy weights for 8-12 reps, building some endurance and gaining some size. While I am unsure whether I have actually put on size, I have been getting more comfortable under the barbell and moving heavyish weight with shorter rest periods. This was something I had not done a lot of last year due to sickness and injury.

The goal of the strength program will be around building my 1 rep maxes and getting stronger in the 1-5 rep ranges.

I will aim to be eating around 3700-4000 calories per day and try to get my bodyweight to 90kg and then maintain that.

The Strength program will be for the exercises below (performed once per week):



Front Squat


Barbell Press

Clean and Jerk


Following these rep schemes:






With the weight getting progressively harder with the reps dropping and each week as the program goes on.

The program will get progressively harder each week for 3 weeks with a deload on the fourth week. The deload will be:

5×3 (of Week 3’s set of 3)

My goals for this program will be to hit the following:

Back Squat: 150 –> 160kg

Benchpress: 120 –> 125kg

Front Squat: 130kg –> 140kg

Deadlift: 190kg –> 210kg

Barbell Press: 75kg –> 80kg

Clean and Jerk: 100kg –> 120kg

Snatch: 75kg –> 85kg

A table with the Sets and Reps plus weights will be put out once the program is done around New Years with the results.

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