Benefits of H.I.I.T

High Intensity Interval Training or H.I.I.T for short!

There are many benefits to HIIT training and whether you are a beginner or serious athlete you can reap the benefits. Generally the average gym user is either doing strength training through lifting weights, on a cardio machine to develop their fitness and lose weight or both at seperate occasions! HIIT combines the two and below are just some of the 4-minute-workout-cover-jumboreasons you should be incorporating some HIIT into your training:

–  HIIT will generally burn more calories in a 45 minute workout than doing a traditional workout over the same amount of time. Due to the intensity, it can burn more calories than going for a steady jog or lifting weights.

– HIIT  improves your fitness, developing both the anaerobic and aerobic energy systems. The anaerobic system is usually developed from high repeated efforts while the aerobic from long slower distance work. Save time separating both and get the best of both worlds in the one workout.

-HIIT can improve your strength and cardiovascular fitness for the reasons above. Gym work does not have to be seperate from getting aerobically fit anymore and HIIT will allow you to reap the benefits of both.

– Better energy systems = better heart health and more efficient cardiovascular system = lower resting heart, reduced blood pressure, lowers risk of diabetes. These health benefits are usually associated with aerobic training (long distance training) and not so much the average gym user lifting weight.

– You won’t need to workout for as long to get an efficient workout, with 45 minutes being plenty for this type of workout .

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