The Best Diet for YOU!

With so many diets out there and so many ways to lose weight quickly, how do you find the BEST diet for you?

You need to know what to look for. If you read my last post (HERE), you would have seen the types of why certain types of diets do not work.

When looking for the BEST diet for you, the diet MUST fit into all of the following categories:

  • Must be sustainable long term
  • Provide enough calories/ energy to keep functioning through day to day activities
  • Provide your body with essential macro and micro nutrients.


  • Must Be sustainable long term: A diet should be something you are able to maintain and live off, not a 3 week starve followed by binge eating. Usually this can be done by a 90/10 approach or even 80/20 in some cases. This means you are eating what is considered healthy 90% or 80% of the time and the other times you get to indulge in treats. Personally I recommend 90/10, especially if your treats are going to be something like ice-cream or pizza.
  • Provide enough calories/energy: If your diet starves you of energy and calories than that diet is putting a strain on your everyday life and making things more difficult than they need to be. Unless you are competing for a bodybuilding comp, you should be eating enough food to continue functioning. Yes to lose weight you may need a slight calorie deficit, but diets which don’t provide enough energy are not sustainable in the long run and most of these diets are aimed at losing weight quickly, which can see you burning muscle and actually making your body look worse than before.
  • Provide your body with essential macro and micro nutrients: Your body needs a certain amount of macro nutrients to function optimally. The right amount of carbs, fat and protein can be the difference between your body being full of energy, putting on muscle or feeling sluggish and breaking down its own muscle tissue. A lack of micronutrients will see your body more prone to immune system diseases/ sicknesses as you are lacking essential vitamins and minerals which keep your body strong and healthy.

The underlying message is that we have spent so long in our current bodies. Do not try to get a six pack overnight. Make small changes to your diet and make sure it is something you can keep long term! The more consistent you are with your training and healthy eating, the more chance you are of getting the bod of your dreams and keeping it!

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