The Problem with Most Diets

There are so many diets out there that it can be hard to choose one that best suits you. Over the years I have seen many diets come and go, people often look for the quickest possible solution going for the fastest weight loss diet, restricting calories to an absurd amount, resulting with people suffering from low energy while on their quest for weight loss. Most of these diets set people up for failure, with hunger cravings at an all time high and low energy levels, its no wonder 90% of people fail to make it past the first few weeks of their diet.

See what happens is that people lower there calories expecting to lose weight. If your game enough to stick out the first couple weeks, your body soon adjusts, slowing down your metabolism and your now lower calories is your standard intake with your weight loss now stalling. If you continue to go along this road you have to keep cutting down calories from a already low calorie diet, which just becomes unhealthy. Not only is your body not getting the macronutrients it needs to grow and build but you open yourself up to other problems like mood swings, colds and flues, break down of muscle tissue etc.


So yes you may lose weight initially but you will need to continue to cut down those calories and you can only cut down so far..

Usually one of two things happen once you reach that point:

  • It gets too hard and you give up the diet, most case binge eating your way out of it
  • You suffer an eating disorder

Neither of these are great results and it all stems from wanting too much too soon! To get to our current physiques we have probably spent our whole lives eating the way we have.. Why do we think we can change it in just a matter of weeks?

When looking to lose weight, people need to remove their short term thinking when it comes to their body and weight loss goals and look for a diet that they can sustain long term, one that will give them the ability to live the healthiest and happiest life they can.

Which would you choose? A life where you are seeking short term results but constantly failing and low in energy and not enjoying food.

Or one which may take only a little longer longer but you get to enjoy what you eat and have energy to live the life you want to live.


2 thoughts on “The Problem with Most Diets

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