Handstand Pushup Program



If you have read my previous blog, you would have noticed that Handstand Pushups are one of my weaknesses, and now for quite some time. Once my shoulders go in a workout, I can never recover quick enough and therefore suffer in high volume HSPU workouts. I went about searching the internet for the most effective HSPU programs. HSPU are not something I had practiced a lot of, so I knew doing any sort of program I would see some improvements, it was more so finding something that was varied and something I could enjoy.

When looking for a workout program I look for the following things:

  • Variations in each session
  • A way of measuring and beating your results each week
  • Looks somewhat fun

I came across a program with 6 different sessions to it. With this program I would be able to do 3 sessions a week and be able to measure how my progress is going every 2 weeks, when I redid the same session.

This training frequency paired with the time frame it took to get back to the same workout meant I should be seeing improvements almost each session, if not every second.

Here are the workouts:

Workout 1: TEST: Max unbroken strict handstand push-ups.

Workout 2: Max strict HSPU in five minutes. If you expect more than 30, use a deficit that shouldn’t allow more than 30 reps. If you expect less than ten, use a band.

Workout 3: Max unbroken strict HSPU (60s cap). Rest 60s. Three rounds. If required, use a band that will give you 5-10 per minute.

Workout 4: One HSPU every 15 seconds for five minutes. Use a band/deficit if required to make challenging.

Workout 5: Every minute for five rounds complete five strict handstand push-ups. Use a band/deficit to make challenging.

Workout 6: In five minutes, progress as far through an unbroken strict HSPU ladder as possible. That is, one strict HSPU, two unbroken, three unbroken etc. If you don’t think you will get past five, use band assistance. Use a deficit if desired.

I am 3 weeks into this program and am looking to do it for the 12 weeks in total, which will give me six cracks at each workout. Will post the results for this after the 12 weeks! 🙂

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