Preparing and Planning for Season 2019

As you do when you finish the open, you scroll through the leaderboard seeing what you did well in, not so well in and have a look at where you may have finished if things were to go perfectly.

Then you look to the year ahead and think of all the things you can do to improve. In setting up for 2019, there was an obvious weakness I needed to address. I needed to get stronger. While searching up potential strength programs to do I came across this little template.

Crrosfit yearly training plan

This pretty much summed up everything I knew. Get bigger –> Make the bigger muscles stronger –> Condition those muscles.

What was new was the specificity of the timing in the year for aerobic and anaerobic work. I recently read an article which said there was only marginal difference in strength gains for those who did strength alone, compared to those who did mainly strength with a bit of aerobic work. Why not improve both at the same time?

Anyway the plan for now before July is to get a head start on the hypertrophy work doing bodybuilding training, with an endurance sort of session one or two times a week. Also to address any weaknesses, in particular the Strict HSPU.

I will show you my programming for the next 3 months in my next post. 🙂

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