After the Open: Finding Strengths and Weaknesses Part 1

The 2018 open came and went within the blink of an eye. Once the dust had settled , I found myself sitting in 634th spot. I had been aiming around the 500 mark, and with a couple rep differences in some key workouts I think I would of been even closer. Overall I was happy with this. My overall finishes for each workout are as below.


18.1: 544th – 20 Min Amrap, 8 T2B, 10 DB Hang cleans, 14 Calorie Row

18.2: 1002nd – 1 –> 10 DB Squats/ Burpees over barbell

18.2a: 1538th – Max Clean

18.3: 776th – 100 DU, 100 OHS, 100 DU, 12 RMU, 100 DU, 20 DB Snatches, 100 DU, 12 BMU X2

18.4: 1031st – 21-15-9 Deadlifts/ HSPU, 21-15-9 Heavier Dl/ Handstand Walk

18.5: 651st – Ascending by 3s Thrusters/ C2B Pull-ups

Overall I was fairly consistent, but there were a couple workouts which I did not fair as well. Here are my strengths and weakness takeouts from 2018.


  • Workouts requiring a larger aerobic base (18.1, 18.3, 18.5)
  • Double Unders
  • Overall good blend of strength and cardio


  • Strength based workouts (18.2a, 18.4)
  • HSPU need work
  • Muscle ups (kipping movement)

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