After the Open: Finding Strengths and Weaknesses Part 2


  • Workouts requiring a larger aerobic base (18.1, 18.3, 18.5)
  • Double Unders
  • Overall good blend of strength and cardio


  • Strength based workouts (18.2a, 18.4)
  • HSPU need work
  • Muscle ups (kipping movement)

I figured any workout with a time domain greater than 10 minutes I would do well in. With an AFL background these were more so in my wheel house. The workout with he longer sets of double unders were a favourite as I had been doing long sets of 75 and have always felt comfortable doing double unders.

Where I lost points:

  • Not being strong in the HSPU was a massive weakness. While I could move the deadlift weight relatively comfortably, my shoulders would blow up and I had to revert to sets of 4-5 from the very start of 18.4. Compared to many others who found the HSPU quite easy and did unbroken sets.
  • The same workout displayed a weakness in heavier sets of deadlifts. At 143kg I found it hard at that stage of the workout to do more than 2 unbroken. The other workout which displayed a major strength weakness was the max clean. To be honest I had thought a 115kg squat clean would’ve faired slightly better. However, and is the story with my workouts, I was with a fair few and a weight increase of 5kgs would’ve seen me ump a fair few spots forward. My PB with a clean is 125kgs and I hah had a sore back to the lead up of the open so i have found excuses for why I potentially could be higher there. I think building my legs endurance in movements like the squat will help too as I was GASSED at the end of the burpees and DB Squats.
  • Longer sets of muscles are still a weakness and now that I remember, even more so are my need to do longer sets of Toes 2 Bar. I consider myself very lucky that it was only sets of 8 in this years open as I would’ve struggled with anything more. I feel that if T2B were a strength than that may have been a top 500 finish in 18.1.

Overall there are things to improve on and a plan I will set for Open 2019 where I hope to finish around the Top 200!

For the link to my Vimeo page with all the open workouts. Press Here

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